Shadhika Shadhika


Are digital spaces here to stay and if they are, how do we make them as egalitarian as possible?

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Digital Spaces and Education: What’s Gender Got To Do With It?

March 23, 2023

Reading Time: 6 minutes “I’d never seen women using a laptop in my family, so didn’t know if even girls can use a laptop. So that ‘fear’ was instilled in me and my mom that and the fear only kept increasing among the other women of the family too…”  When access to technology and digital spaces is dictated by   

What’s Connection Got To Do With It: Our Way Forward

February 17, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Welcome to the first post of our Executive Director’s blog series! In this series, our Executive Director will be sharing insights on Shadhika’s mission, our gender justice work, and the impact of our programs in India. Follow our Executive Director on Instagram and Twitter for more! Read more from The Executive Director’s Desk here. We   

When She Leads: Meet the Shadhika Staff

January 6, 2023

Reading Time: 6 minutes This interview is part of our When She Leads series. Learn more. Meet the Shadhika Staff who work tirelessly to make everything we do possible and read what the year was like, behind the scenes! Personally and professionally, I think that this past year was a big year of growth for me, so ‘We rise,