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Ab Humari Baari (Our Time in Now) – A Photo Blog

By Urmila Reghunath, Communications Manager

August 1, 2023

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Spanning 6 days and 2 cities over June-July 2023, this year Shadhika’s Leaders for Change Summits engaged over 270 participants and were hosted with much fervor and energy in Lucknow and Vadodara!

Each year, Shadhika hosts our Scholars from across India to share best practices, brainstorm collective action, support each other to advance their cause, and celebrate the spirit of leadership. Through the Summit, these young leaders are building a supportive network to advance gender justice in India. The facilitated sessions held at the summit were a journey of growth and enrichment. Much gratitude to our Scholars, Alum, partners, facilitators, sign language interpreters, donors, and especially to Sahiyar Stree Sangathan and Milaan Foundation for co-hosting such a powerful and impactful event.

💰Financial Literacy: In the quest for independence and agency, the participants delved into the world of financial literacy. From budgeting, bargaining to safety, we learned to navigate the financial landscape thanks to the Orange Tree Foundation.

🔒 Digital Safety: In this ever-evolving digital age, staying safe online and nurturing inclusive digital spaces is crucial. The good folks at Point of View facilitated discussions on cybersecurity, data privacy, and the responsible use of social media.

🚀 Exposure Visits: Through short exposure visits, we could also explore Lucknow and Vadodara and witness impactful initiatives in action.

💪 Leadership Skills: Shadhika’s very own Scholars and Alum Liaison, Sabah Siddiqui led the second year Shadhika Scholars through an engaging session to introduce the Community Leadership Project, discuss the local issues to work on, and address challenges ahead.

Shadhika believes in a future where each person in India can choose their own path to meaning, purpose, and happiness. This vision can only be fully realized when a person’s gender identity is seen as an asset in their community and the world at large, and their unique contributions are embraced. Scroll through the sections below for a glimpse into how the different aspects of the Summits showcased Shadhika’s four guiding principles to achieve this vision.

Fostering Connection and Community

Growing Proud and Confident

Staying Open and Curious

Nurturing a Fun and Affirming Environment

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