Shadhika Shadhika

Shadhika’s Theory of Change

“Because of Shadhika, I could study and become independent. I now have a voice and can freely speak.”

- Razia, a young woman of Shadhika

When she leads, change follows

Shadhika believes in a future where each person in India can choose their own path to meaning, purpose, and happiness. This vision can only be fully realized when a person’s gender identity is seen as an asset in their community and the world at large, and their unique contributions are embraced. Shadhika believes education is the most effective vehicle for women and girls to move out of chronic disenfranchisement and towards self-determination.

Image depicting Shadhika's Theory of Change. There is a yellow circle in the middle with the words 'our feminist, decolonizing core'. The yellow circle is surrounded by magenta petals each indicating one of Shadhika's four principles of growth. They are, 'pride and confidence', 'connection and community', 'fun and affirming', and 'openness and curiosity'. A blue dotted line connects all the four magenta petals to indicate that they are interconnected. A larger blue circle encompasses the whole image showing Shadhika's three areas of focus. They are, 'Investing in the individual girl', ' investing in grassroots leadership', and 'cultivating allyship'.

Investing in the Individual Girl: The Scholarship Program

Through our Scholarship Program, Shadhika provides college and vocational scholarships to young women who have demonstrated academic potential and excellent leadership to promote girls’ rights in their own communities. In addition to full tuition and a living stipend, Shadhika Scholars are eligible to receive academic tutoring and a comprehensive technology package that covers the cost of a computer, internet access, and computer literacy classes. 

Investing in Grassroots Leadership: The Support for Success Program

Support for Success is a site-based program that provides long-term, unrestricted funding to grassroots feminist leadership. These local organizations incubate hyper-localized solutions to address unique challenges preventing young women from succeeding in school as a pathway to economic independence. This work includes after-school and in-school programming for girls from ages 10 to 18, including academic tutoring, rights education, and skills building in the areas of leadership, self-advocacy, and emotional and physical health. 

Cultivating Allyship: The Learning for Gender Justice Program

Shadhika recognizes that to achieve true gender justice, systemic levers of change must be activated and those continue to be guarded by power holders. In order to recalibrate these power structures, Shadhika’s Learning for Gender Justice Program will invest in feminist research and community-centric learning to elevate successful models that address multiple dimensions of marginalization.