Shadhika Shadhika

Learning for Gender Justice

The thing that gives me the greatest joy is getting the full support of my father.

-Afsana, young woman of Shadhika

Shadhika recognizes that to achieve true gender justice, systemic levers of change must be activated and those continue to be guarded by power holders. In order to recalibrate these power structures, Shadhika will invest in feminist research and community-centric learning to elevate successful models that address multiple dimensions of marginalization. Since 2019, with the financial support of Direct Action for Women Now, Shadhika is partnering with community-based organizations in rural Uttar Pradesh who endeavor to engage men and boys in practicing more gender-affirming attitudes and identifying, reporting, and remedying incidents of gender-based violence and discrimination in surrounding villages of Varanasi, as part of Shadhika’s Men Against Gender-Based Violence Initiative.

Through 2030, the objective will be to collect and contribute disaggregated data so gender justice activists in India can represent and advocate for more inclusive and intersectional solutions and policies.


Women participants felt safer after the implementation of the program in 2020-21.


participants increased their understanding of Gender-Based Violence in 2020-21


men and boys participated in the program in 2020-21.

Partner Highlight

Asian Bridge India,
Uttar Pradesh,

Asian Bridge India aims at improving the living conditions of people affected by poverty, violence, and the negation of their basic social rights. ABI conducts its activities in the greater Varanasi area with urban and rural communities.

Gramin Punarnirman Sansthan,
Uttar Pradesh,

Gramin Punarnirman Sansthan believes in the dignity of the people and in their capacity to overcome the pressures that exploit them. GPS develops autonomous groups to achieve the objective of development and self-Reliance by capacity building.