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"When She Leads" is our interview series celebrating the leadership, innovation, determination and resilience of the young women of Shadhika.

When She Leads Interviews: 2021

March 10, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In its second year, “When She Leads” is our annual interview series that celebrates and affirms the leadership, innovation, determination and resilience of the young women of Shadhika, as well as the women leaders at Shadhika’s partner sites across the Indian diaspora. These first-person accounts offer personal insight into the daily experiences of the lives of our program participants and partner field staff. In 2021, we will be offering a new collection of interviews each quarter. 

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When She Leads: Board Member Collection

September – December 2021

In our final collection of interviews this year, Shadhika brings you the voices, goals, and passion of our newest Board Members. They discuss how Shadhika’s mission resonates with them and advances their commitment to seeking gender equity, equality, education, and empowerment in India. We are excited to have their leadership, guidance, and support powering our work. Read their inspiring stories.

Menka Lamba

Menka Lamba is a leader in the financial sector, a Shadhika supporter, and now Shadhika’s newest Treasurer. In her When She Leads interview, Menka shares how her experience during the pandemic brought her to support and now serve on Shadhika’s Board, in that it gives her “ways to connect and contribute to “shine (her) light.”   Read her interview.

Tara Risser

Tara is a corporate-partner leader, a long-time supporter, and now one of Shadhika’s newest Board Members. In her When She Leads interview, Tara shares how the “energy, leadership, and capabilities” of the girls and young women of Shadhika inspire her to keep promoting advocacy for gender equality around the world. Read her interview.

When She Leads: Donor Highlights Collection

June-July 2021

In our second collection of interviews this year, Shadhika brings you the voices of three individuals who are committed to advancing gender equity in India as member of our donor circles: FundHER, Scholarship, and Groundswell. Their personal conviction and financial contributions power the work of our staff and the impact that partners and Scholars are creating on the ground. Read their inspiring stories.  

Kavita Jain

Kavita Jain is a long term member of Shadhika’s Scholarship Donor Circle. In our latest When She Leads interview, Kavita shares her story of childhood challenges, perseverance, and empowerment through education. She details how her life experiences resonate with Shadhika’s Theory of Change and encouragement for continued support to young girls in India through Shadhika programming. Read her interview.

Kavita Biyani

Kavita Biyani is Shadhika’s longest running monthly FundHER donor. Today we talked to Kavita about how she identifies with the young women of Shadhika, the impact being a FundHER donor has had on her, and the widespread change in gender equity she hopes to be a part of through partnering with Shadhika as a monthly donor. Read her interview.

When She Leads: Shadhika Alum

March–April 2021

Our first collection of interviews this year is with a few young women from out Alum Network. Our alum have matriculated through our Supports for Success program, our Shadhika Scholars program, have graduated from college with a degree in a field of their choice, and are now pursuing careers in the formal Indian economy. They exemplify Shadhika’s theory of change and have deep wisdom to share about their experiences persevering to become leaders for change in their own right. 


Savita is a Shadhika Alum from Mumbai who was a student and program participant with our partner site Vacha. During her time as a Shadhika Scholar, she studied coursework in fashion design. Today, we caught up with her as she is working in her first job, starting her own handbag (and soon to be clothing) line, and continuing to invest in her community as a mentor. Read her interview.

Razia & Amkamsoom

 Razia and Amkamsoom are sisters and Shadhika Alum who were program participants with our previous partner site STOP in Delhi. They share about life after graduation, finding jobs in communications and nursing, what it’s like to have and be mentors and so much more! Read their interview.

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