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"When She Leads" is an interview series celebrating and affirming the young women of Shadhika's leadership.

When She Leads: An Interview Series

June 13, 2020

When She Leads is an interview series celebrating and affirming the young women of Shadhika’s leadership. At Shadhika, we know that “When she leads, change follows” and so, we are excited to bring you first-hand interviews and stories from our young women leaders.

When She Leads Under Lockdown

Throughout COVID-19 in India, the young women of Shadhika have shown their tenacity, creativity, and resilience. Though the daily context in India has shown little reprieve, and is in many respects worsening, these young women are responding as leaders in support of their friends, families, and communities.


Reshma is a second-year Shadhika Scholar pursuing a nursing degree in Delhi. She is a participant with our grantee partner site, STOP India. Recently, her community experienced a major fire. In the face of such devastation, Reshma led a clothing and food collection for those impacted. Read her interview.


Parvati is a third-year Shadhika Scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Banking & Insurance and a participant with our grantee partner site Vacha, in Mumbai. Recently, her family migrated to their village of origin. However, Parvati has persevered and negotiated with her family to continue pursuing her educational goals. Read her interview.

Mirekha, Navya, Shashikala, & Manasa

These four young women are from Baale Mane, our partner site in Bangalore. Here they share about their experiences since the lockdown and how they’re trying to stay mentally and physically healthy. Read the interview.

Sanjuckta & Pranjuckta

Sanjuckta & Pranjuckta are sisters who came to Shadhika through our partner Jabala in Kolkata. Their sisterhood is the bedrock of their advocacy for gender equality in their community and in India. In this interview, they speak with humor and passion about leaning on each other during the lockdown and supporting each other’s vision for a female-driven future. Read the interview.

Shadhika continues to closely monitor the circumstances in India in order to best support our partners and program participants. In order to remain nimble and responsive to the needs on the ground, please help us meet our goal of raising $15,000 for COVID-related funds.

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