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Actions speak louder than words!

Sparking Change Together: How to Discuss Supporting Shadhika with Your Family and Friends

By Monica O'Reilly, Former Shadhika Staff Member

March 26, 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Engaging our loved ones in philanthropic efforts can be a powerful way to make a collective impact. Being asked by a family member or friend to donate is among the top reasons why people choose to support non-profit organizations. In 2019, nearly 40% of Americans reported that a request by a family member or friend drove them to give money to charity. This highlights the significant influence that personal connections can have on inspiring individuals to contribute to philanthropic causes. By harnessing the influence of personal connections and involving our loved ones in philanthropy we can both strengthen our bonds and empower each other to create positive change on a broader scale.

Not sure where to start? Read on to learn about a few effective strategies for discussing Shadhika with your friends and family so that we can move the needle even further for gender justice in India.

1. Make it personal

Ultimately, your family and friends may be driven to take action because Shadhika’s work is important to YOU. When discussing Shadhika, make the cause personal and relatable to your family and friends. Explaining to them what motivates you to support Shadhika can in turn fuel them to give their support as well.

2. Identify the problem and how Shadhika’s work addresses it

When initiating conversations about Shadhika, it is essential to educate yourself about the context of gender inequity in India and Shadhika’s vision, programs, and impact. We often talk about Shadhika’s work by emphasizing how a person’s gender influences their life circumstances, and how Shadhika supports community leaders and organizations working for young women in India. You can find insightful statistics, stories from Shadhika scholars and partner organizations, and data on Shadhika’s impact on our blog, in our past reports, and social media. This knowledge will enable you to communicate effectively and answer any questions or concerns raised by your family and friends.

3. Emphasize the long-term impact

One of the most effective ways to engage family and friends is by emphasizing the long-term impact of supporting Shadhika’s Program Partners and Scholars. Explain how investing in feminist grassroots leaders and educating girls and young women can break the cycle of poverty, end early marriage, promote gender equity, and contribute to positive social change in India. Discuss the ripple effect that occurs when self-determined women become agents of change within their communities. Help your loved ones see how their contribution can create a lasting impact and transform lives.

4. Share multiple different ways to support Shadhika

There are numerous ways to support Shadhika, although financial donations have the biggest impact. Share different opportunities to donate to Shadhika, for instance during an in-person fundraising event, for a digital campaign like the ongoing Spring For Her 2024 campaign, or through corporate partnerships. Encourage your family and friends to sustain their support by joining a giving circle. However, not everyone may be in a position to make financial donations and there are many ways those in your circle can help Shadhika realize our vision beyond monetary contributions. Highlight other opportunities to support Shadhika such as volunteering at an event, making an in-kind donation, and spreading Shadhika’s content on social media. By presenting a range of ways to get involved, you increase the likelihood of finding a meaningful role for each person.

5. Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words! Show your commitment to Shadhika by leading by example. Make a personal donation, participate in fundraising events, or dedicate your time to volunteer activities. When your family and friends witness your passion and dedication, they are more likely to be inspired and follow suit. Your enthusiasm can be contagious and encourage them to join in the collective effort to support Shadhika.

6. Be open to questions

During conversations about supporting Shadhika, be open to questions, concerns, and discussions. Some individuals may have reservations or need more information before committing their support. Listen actively, address their concerns empathetically, and provide additional resources or references if necessary. Encourage open dialogue and create a safe space for them to express their thoughts. Respect their opinions and perspectives, even if they differ from your own.

Talking to your family and friends about supporting Shadhika is an opportunity to inspire collective action and create a positive change. These tips provide effective ways to encourage your circle to engage in Shadhika’s work. By engaging our loved ones in philanthropy, we foster a sense of unity, purpose, and shared responsibility, ultimately strengthening both our relationships and our ability to make a meaningful difference in the world. Together, by investing in each individual girl, investing in grassroots wisdom, and cultivating allyship, we can create a future where each person in India can choose their own path to meaning, purpose, and happiness.

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