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Make a lasting commitment to support the young women in India to be in full control of their lives and pursue their educational and personal goals, unfettered.

The Juthica Stangl Fund

30 years ago, Juthica Stangl founded Shadhika with an unwavering resolve to support grassroots organizations serving women and girls from marginalized and underserved communities. Join the Juthica Stangl Fund and provide transformational funding to support Shadhika in giving $12 million directly to local partners and Shadhika Scholars on the frontlines of a groundswell of change in India by 2030. By generously committing a minimum of $10,000 within 3 years, you can give the security and the tools that Shadhika, its local partners, and the Shadhika Scholars need to strategically address power structures that underpin gender injustice locally.


Join the Scholarship donor circle to provide scholarships to the young women at Shadhika’s partner sites. To participate, donors give $1,700 per year for 3 years. A college degree typically requires 3 years of study and $1,700 is the average cost of a full Shadhika Scholarship. Scholarship funds cover the cost of college fees and tuition, room and board, transportation, books and supplies, tutoring, a living stipend, and a technology package (computer, Internet, and computer literacy classes). Scholarship donors have a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of Shadhika Scholars, providing end-to-end support that enables the Scholars to access higher education and the tools they need to build the future of their dreams. As a Scholarship donor, you will also have exclusive opportunities to connect with Shadhika staff and the young women in India.


Join the FundHER monthly donor circle to provide the steadfast commitment Shadhika's young women leaders need to reach their highest potential. Creating systemic change requires a long-term investment in girl-centered skills building and education support. Your monthly support provides a steady lifeline that allows Shadhika to be nimble, innovative, and responsive to emerging needs on the ground. As a FundHER donor, you are providing our program participants peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on continued funding and can remain focused on advancing their personal and educational goals. As a FundHER donor, you will receive quarterly video messages from the field with updates from our partners and our program participants. To join the FundHER circle, choose your impact below:

To join the FundHER circle, choose your impact below:

$25 / month

One year of college tuition fees for one young woman

$50 / month

Computer literacy courses and a laptop for one scholar to pursue online learning

$100 / month

One year's books and school supplies for 40 girls

$250 / month

Girl-centered leadership skills training for 1,000 young women

All donations are tax deductible

Shadhika is a California 501C(3) non-profit corporation. Our federal tax-id is #77-0344785.