Shadhika Shadhika

The Impact of Computers in a Mumbai Community

August 21, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Durga and Sneha, sisters who are both Shadhika Scholars and community leaders at Vacha, Shadhika’s partner in Mumbai.


With the help of Shadhika, my sister and I were able to save up enough money to purchase a computer together. This investment has drastically changed our lives. Before we had our own computer school was very tough. We would have to borrow friend’s computers or use Vacha’s office computer to complete our school work. Many times our friends could not always provide us their computer or we would have to skip lectures to match our time with Vacha’s office hours. This made it very difficult because we often had to miss class to be able to use a computer.

Now that we have our own computer, we are able to attend all lectures and complete our work on time. It is very helpful in creating class presentations and projects as well as provide us access to the internet to watch important videos and read books for school. Our family is very happy that this purchase has impacted our lives and our family.

Our parents, siblings, and community are able to use it to fill out any college admission forms online and read PDFs of school books. We enjoy sharing our computer and providing assistance if anyone consults us for advice or asks for help. The most important thing about us saving up for this computer is that we no longer have to skip lectures to do our school work.

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