Shadhika Shadhika


"The Shadhika Scholarship was a stepping stone to success."

Shadhika’s Support Effect

By Aanchal Mistry, “Making HERstory” Journalism Fellow

August 5, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It has been a long journey of 10 years with Vacha. This resource center, Vacha, has given me so many learning experiences that have enriched myself and my life both personal and social. As a student I have learned many things like English, Photography, the computer and Journalism. My confidence improved while learning these study subjects. As I have studied in vernacular medium, I found it difficult to express myself in English. But now I learn English and my capacity to communicate in English is improving constantly.

Through the help of Shadhika, I began my career and I had successfully completed my first and second years of degree college. Though I was very comfortable with Hindi, my native language, I tried to learn in English also. As my mother tongue was powerful I found it easy to learn English. Though the first two years I had difficulties, I knew what is correct English and what is good expression.  So, I tried to go further in the commerce stream and concentrate on finance and banking. Due to Vacha, where I got many experiences which helped me to widen my world experience, I became gradually more confident to go further in each subject. My first year and second year were only trial and error and there were some success and some failures but Vacha Resource Center and the Shadhika Scholarship gave me a boost of energy and added confidence. They say, “no Aanchal don’t get disappointed, you will do it -you can do it keep trying, don’t give up”

In my second year digital marketing was the subject that attracted me. I learned something new. The Shadhika Scholarship was a stepping stone to success. I persisted to learn digital marketing and a use of internet skills. I got success in it and today I am teaching my friends to use digital marketing, the internet, and social media for better choices of jobs.

Now in my third year, I feel that Vacha Center and Shadhika have done wonders to girls like me who were confined to the home, careless and unaware of the opportunity to fly to the distant skies. We can search for new opportunities, discover hidden potentials and venture for a better future. Thank you Shadhika! You have shown me that the sky is the limit.  

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