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We know empowering girls is core to helping change a life, a community, a country, and, dare I hope, the world.

Scholarships & Pen Pals

By Melody Jones, Shadhika Board Member

September 3, 2020

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Have you ever been so moved that you just had to do something? That’s exactly what happened to me when I was first introduced to Shadhika’s work in India. We all have causes that pull at our heart strings or touch us personally. For me, it’s always been children and especially those who are disadvantaged in some profound way such as foster youth, extreme poverty, and other truly systemic issues. 

Shadhika’s efforts ensure girls don’t get forced into early marriages through resources, training, support networks, and access to education. We know empowering girls is core to helping change a life, a community, a country, and, dare I hope, the world.  

In 2018, I joined Shadhika’s Scholarship Donor Circle and Pen Pal program because I enjoy really connecting with an individual–her hopes, dreams, desires, struggles and obstacles. It makes the work more personal and meaningful. In Shadhika’s Scholarship Donor Circle, I have the opportunity to read scholarship applications and support young women in achieving their dreams.  It’s humbling. These girls overcome odds that are beyond comprehension for many of us. Yet, equipped with a college degree and English language skills, these young women have a chance to join the formal economy. 

The bottom line is that a college education:

  • – empowers young women,
  • – leads to agency over decisions affecting their lives,
  • – shows that girls too can be financial contributors to a household, and 
  • – demonstrates their value in society.
Melody with young women and young men participants at Vacha, our partner site in Mumbai.

I couldn’t be more proud of our graduates or more hopeful for future students.  Our alumnae are leaders in their communities who demand change and inspire more girls to follow in their paths.  They are literally changing the way girls are viewed in their communities and how their lives will unfold.  

After months of lockdown, families in India are struggling more than ever to send their children to school. We are looking for more donors to help support the growing base of scholarship applicants.

If this speaks to you, please join us  by becoming a scholarship donor. With $1,500 a year, you are giving a full college scholarship to a young women at one of our partner sites. We welcome your input and participation!

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