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Local Partners

“I do take a pledge to not get married before I get my Bachelor’s degree. I shall also make girls around me aware.”

–Beauti, young woman of Shadhika

Our Partners

STOP India (Delhi)

STOP works tochange the systems that oppress and enslave children and women and empowers survivors of sex trafficking to use their lives and voices in a meaningful way. Our support provides training on market-oriented handicrafts with the goal of teaching these survivors how to reach self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.

Doosra Dashak (Rajasthan)

Doosra Dashak, located in rural regions of Rajasthan, provides life skills oriented education to harness the leadership potential of young women for social transformation. We underwrite the costs for a residential camp to re-enroll girls in school and to empower them to take on girls’ rights projects in their communities.

Milaan Foundation (Uttar Pradesh)

The Milaan Foundation educates, enables, and empowers adolescent girls to become change makers in their own lives and in the communities they come from. We support their Girl Icon Program, which delivers comprehensive life-skills based education and human rights training to carry out collective social action projects on issues that affect adolescent girls.

Sahiyar (Gujarat)

Sahiyar (Stree Sangthan), provides a safe space for women, awareness programming surrounding gender-based issues, and leadership development for adolescent girls. We are building Sahiyar’s capacity to deliver education and leadership development to young girls from marginalized sections of society through the use of a technology center.

Vacha (Maharashtra)

VACHA works in the slums around Mumbai to run after-school programs that teach girls their rights, support them to stay in school, provide them with nutritional and sex education, and expose them to life outside the slums. We support two of their after-school centers where girls receive secondary education, life-skills training, and advocacy training on women’s rights.

Baale Mane (Karnataka)

Baale Mane is a home for girls 16-24 years old who are orphans or have a single parent who is unable to care for them. Baale Mane provides comprehensive support to these young women, teaching them how to overcome the oppressive roles and expectations of women in their community and equipping them with the necessary skills to lead an independent life. We support life skills training for young women who are “aging out” of Baale Mane so they have the skills and rights-based knowledge they need to live independently.

Jabala Action Research Organisation (Bengal)

Jabala works with the daughters of sex workers in the red-light districts of Kolkata. Shadhika’s supports an after-school program for girls age 10- 24, including tutoring in English and computers, rights-based education, sex education, arts activities, exposure visits outside of their community, and actions within their community that promote gender equity.

Uddami (West Bengal)

Uddami teaches computer and soft skills to enhance and support the potential of women and youth from low-income communities around Kolkata so that they can develop sustainable livelihoods. We provide support for Uddami’s English and Job Readiness programs.

Shadhika’s Partners

We exist to create a culture shift toward gender equality and opportunity in India. We work from the bottom up, partnering with local organizations to empower young women personally and professionally. We believe these young women will create a groundswell.

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