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Congratulations to our Shadhika Scholars and Class of 2020 graduates!

Shadhika’s 2020 Graduates

May 19, 2020

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Shadhika is celebrating the graduation of 8 scholars this year! These young women of Shadhika have broken barriers, overcome challenges, and persevered to receive undergraduate degrees that are so well deserved.  This is Shadhika’s third graduating class, who will now join a group of 30 Shadhika Alumnae paving the path for Shadhika’s future.

Two graduates are from Jabala and live in Murshidabad. Mahima and Nurmuhal are both graduating with Engineering degrees, a predominantly male-dominated field. Mahima’s degree focused on Food Processing, while Nurmuhal’s degree focused on Electronics and Instruments.

Nurmuhal actively stopped her own child marriage and is now graduating with a college degree. She regularly advocates to end early, forced marriage in her community: “Many girls of my community have been inspired and they are aware of the ill effects of child marriage and as well as legal help and assistance against child marriage.”

Mahima has grown in self-confidence throughout her time as a Shadhika Scholar and has learned to negotiate with her family: “I am confident enough to move freely and independently. Previously my family did not allow me to, but now they do not have any problem. I have become smarter and vocal.”

Pictured left to right: Mahima and Nurmuhal.

Two graduates, Vidyashree and Divya, are from Baale Mane in Bangalore. Vidyashree is graduating from a 1-year computer course in digital marketing, has improved her English this year, and is currently a Shadhika Making HERstory intern. She shares: “I am trying to speak English with my friends and sisters and I am always practicing, but at first I am scared as it’s difficult language to me.”

Divya graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce degree. She has learned how to be a leader throughout the three years and says, “They (girls) don’t have access to basic education and health care. Women in all parts of the world face violence and discrimination. I help the girls improve their knowledge, including young Baale girls and also other girls in college.”

Pictured left to right: Vidyashree and Divya.

Three graduates are from STOP India in Delhi.  Amkamsoom is graduating with a Bachelors of Nursing degree. Throughout her program, Amkamsoom gained so much experience in her class postings (rotations): “When I was in the Obstetrician-Gynecologist posting, I worked in a labor room, where I saw nature very clearly. I saw a mother give a life of new hope. That was an awesome experience for me. Also, when I was posted in the Psychiatric Ward I met a lot of special people, and I was really happy to accompany them.”

Masum and Afsana are both graduating with Teaching degrees. This year, Afsana was a teaching intern with Nilgiri Hills Public School and Balika Rajkiye Inter College, where she taught multiple subjects to different classes. Masum found success at home when negotiating house chores while attending college. She shares: “I used to do all the household chores but after scholarship my mother does the work and tells me to focus on my studies.”

Pictured left to right: Amkamsoon and Afsana.

Lastly, Aanchal is our Shadhika Graduate from Vacha in Mumbai. She was a Making HERstory Intern for Shadhika in 2019 and is graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce degree. She thanks Shadhika: “I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me. Shadhika and Vacha both helped me. I have had the best three years of my life as a Shadhika Scholar.  I have experienced fun, gained knowledge, and am now closer to realizing my dreams.”

Pictured left to right: Aanchal and Masum.

Congratulations Class of 2020!

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