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Students cannot communicate with teachers–we are unable to ask questions and discuss our doubts.

Learning Under Lockdown

By Making HERstory Interns

April 27, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Shadhika’s Making HERstory interns share how they are managing classes while their universities and community centers are closed under lockdown.

How have your studies have been affected during the lockdown?

Pranjuckta: Studies are affected very badly. The lockdown is breaking the continuity of our days –going to school, coming home, doing homework. Two of my cousins were promoted to the next grade level in March, but they were not able to collect any book when the lockdown started and schools closed. It will be very much difficult to go back to that habit of school when the lockdown ends.

Afreen: It’s been one month since my college was closed. We are finished with our syllabus, and only exams are left. From March, we are studying at home, and we still we don’t know when we’ll take our exams.

Are you taking time to study each day?

Afreen: I try to study everyday for an hour or more. Mostly I study in morning time. At this time in my home it is quiet, I can find peace at home. I can’t study in noisy surroundings later in the day.

Reetu: I am studying seven subjects. I try to read each subject for 30 minutes every day.

Is your school providing online classes?

Vidyashree: Yes, I have some online courses. It’s useful, as we are able to ask questions, but we can’t get much information about the subjects.

Pranjuckta: There are no online classes in my community. For levels 10 and 12, there are courses available through the news channel on TV. Students cannot communicate with teachers–we are unable to ask questions and discuss our doubts. It’s very tough for students who need time for thinking and understanding. The teachers on the TV don’t answer questions or repeat the topic.

Reetu: There is no online classes from my school, but all our course information is available on a WhatsApp group.

Do you face technical issues?

Vidyashree; Yes! Here, we can’t connect to the network easily. It is making studying very difficult.

Afreen: Yes, very much. I attend my online classes through Zoom. It needs very high speed of internet, but we always have network issues. So many times the call disconnects. When students connect again, we have missed so many important things.

What do you miss most about school?

Vidyashree: I miss my friends, my teachers, and spending time with my classmates.

Pranjuckta: I miss sharing thoughts and having fun with my friends. I also miss going to new places and exploring new things. Now under lockdown, we cannot step out from our homes. I know it’s for our safety and for others. But it’s really hard. I hope the world gets better very soon.

Afreen: Yes, I really miss going to college or to meet friends. Because of lockdown I have been home for 25 days. This lockdown is for our safety, so I am just try to do some new things everyday.

Reetu: I miss my friends, sitting in class, and studying with everyone. I miss my teachers and classmates very much.

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