Shadhika Shadhika


"I am independent and also give my advice to my father in any situation."


By Kendra Nicolai, Shadhika's Program Officer

October 24, 2019

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Remember the days where you once walked across a stage and graduated from college, feeling both accomplished and terrified?  Spending time imagining the possibilities and opportunities that await your arrival, in the midst of long nights writing resumes and cover letters that are unique to each position. Those thoughts, feelings and time building applications are a commonality across graduates around the world.  Some people graduate with a plan and others work tremendously hard to find a job in their field.  The young women we serve at Shadhika are no different.

In May 2019, we graduated our second class of Shadhika Scholars.  In total, 22 young women have completed degree college or technical college and have carved the path for Shadhika Scholars for years to come.  Post graduation, we formed our first alumnae network to help support these young women on their journey into the formal workplace.  We know finding a job is difficult and want to ensure that their connection to Shadhika and each other doesn’t end with a college degree. 

With the blessing of technology, we are able to stay in touch with our alumnae through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and email.  These young women enjoy giving us updates and are proud of their accomplishments. 

68% of alumnae have received a job in the formal economy and the salaries of these young women are three times the amount of the average Indian salary.  

Alumnae are working in various job sectors including banks, accounting firms, NGO programs, pharmacies and research companies.  We also have an alumnae who is a fashion designer and one who is a dietician. 

In addition to the young women being proud of themselves, their parents also feel the impact. Two alumnae sisters report:

“They (my parents) feel very proud of us. Me and my sister financially help my family and also help my brother for his studies. I also changed my lifestyle. I am independent and also give my advice to my father in any situation. My father also tells me, you both are diamond of our family.”

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