Shadhika Shadhika

Donors Raise Funds for Gender Equality: Our Fall Fundraiser Update

November 11, 2016

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Shadhika’s Fall Fundraiser is over! A big thank you to our friends in Madison, Wisconsin who hosted a fundraising party, our donors who participated in our matching program, and to each and every supporter who helped us raise just over $70,000 this October!

The support we received from each of you is absolutely critical to Shadhika’s mission and the girls we serve. It is because of you that the girls we support are completing their education, becoming economically self-sufficient, and are empowered to pursue their dreams — and that the boys we support are becoming advocates for women’s rights.

With your continued support, we’ve been able to increase the number of girls we serve by 300% over the past three years.

“I am really overwhelmed to know that there is someone apart from my family to thank for my education and help me. I am really grateful to you for this

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