Shadhika Shadhika

COVID-19 Response & Updates

Whether we are in India or the U.S., we are all in this together.

Now more than ever, India needs your support.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has shown all of us how interconnected we are and how small our big world has become. We are seeing how each of our individual actions impact each other– even if we are half a world away. We know what it feels like to want to help but not know how during times like these.

You can help. Give to Shadhika’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Thanks to your generous giving in 2020, Shadhika raised nearly $30,000 in COVID emergency funding and maintained our levels of grantmaking in 2021. The results were remarkable: Shadhika’s core operations remained intact, all the partners kept their doors open, and 100% of funded Shadhika Scholars stayed in school.

Once again, we rely on your generosity to respond to what many experts consider a second wave of the pandemic that will have more profound and long lasting effects on India, its population, and gender equality. Help Shadhika and our colleagues in India cope and overcome this unfolding crisis by giving generously now.

We want to share what is happening at Shadhika.

Find the stories of the grantee partner sites and the young women of Shadhika as they navigate this crisis.