Shadhika Shadhika

Planned Giving

Shadhika believes in a future where each person in India can choose their own path to meaning, purpose, and happiness. This vision can only be fully realized when a person’s gender identity is seen as an asset in their community and the world at large, and their unique contributions are embraced. Shadhika believes education is the most effective vehicle for women and girls to move out of chronic disenfranchisement and towards self-determination.

This vision can only be achieved when we all work together. Make gender justice your legacy by leaving a charitable bequest to Shadhika in your living will or naming Shadhika in your revocable charitable trust. You can do so with your own attorney, or for free at

You can also name Shadhika as a beneficiary qualified charitable distributions of your IRA, qualified pension plan, life insurance, brokerage account, or savings account. Shadhika Account information is below:

Charles Schwab & Co Inc.
DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40
For the account of: Shadhika Project, Inc.
Account: 5096-5384
EIN: #77-0344785

Please email that you are planning a gift. By notifying us we will be able to identify and acknowledge your generosity. Please include your name, method of giving, and the exact or estimated amount.