Shadhika Shadhika

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Providing rapid, flexible, financial support to our grantee partners to ensure the young women we support are taken care of during this crisis.

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The Need

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, Shadhika remains in close conversation with our grantee partners about how the pandemic is impacting the young women we support and how our grantee partners are adapting to meet these new challenges.

It is abundantly clear that this virus is not impacting us all equally. Those that are poor, those that are migrant workers or day laborers, those that live in crowded slum communities, those without reliable running water, are all at higher risk – not only for the virus, but also for hunger and domestic violence.

Girls in India may be at the highest risk of all.  

When food is scarce, girls eat last.

When family members fall ill, girls are tasked with care giving.

When schools are closed, girls’ education often ceases permanently.

When tensions flare at home, girls often face the brunt of domestic violence.

When emergency response decisions are being made, girls often have no voice.

The Fund

Because of this, Shadhika is launching a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to provide rapid, flexible, financial support to our grantee partners so they can take action to ensure the young women we support are taken care of during this crisis.

To this end, the Fund will serve to cover the costs of food, sanitation and medical supplies, mental health counseling, distance learning tools (laptops/ tablets, internet, and video conferencing), school supplies, emergency lodging, as well as other assistance that may emerge as we navigate our way through this crisis.

100% of every donation will go directly to relief and recovery efforts.

A donation of any amount can help make sure the young women we support remain safe and stay healthy during this crisis, and that, when the pandemic subsides, they are able to return to school and thrive.

On behalf of our grantee partners and all the young women Shadhika supports, we thank you for your generosity during this unique time of need.

*Organizations in India wishing to become Shadhika partners can fill out our interest form.